Thursday, January 6, 2011

some thoughts on the new year

Kitten Season... a term that's not easy to the Blistered Whiskers crew. Kitten season means more kittens than we can handle. We try to do our absolute best to accommodate as many as we can, but there's only so much money and so much space to go around. Inevitably, we have no choice but to turn away during the end of kitten season because there is simply no more space. There are so many mommas about to give birth, or that already have given birth, and then there's the new-born kittens that need attention. Some have more special needs than others, and some have many needs that strain the abilities of the volunteers and the organization. Trust me, we will persevere, and we will do our best. We've never failed. That is the important distinction. There's too much dedication to fail.

But what can you do to help?

First, how about adopting an older kitty? There are plenty of momma kitties who wound up being awesome mothers, their kittens got adopted out, and unfortunately the mommas never did get adopted out. If they're good mommas then most likely they're gonna be good pets. We try to get the kids adopted out first, then the adults. Most cats in the adult pen a re ready, very willing, and able to come to your house today. They'd LOVE a new forever home, they're cheaper than the kittens, they've already been socialized, they don't tear things up like a kitten could, and they've been snipped, so that's not an issue either. . They're just about as ready to say "let's go, i wanna love you" as it gets. Many of them are only a few years old, so there's plenty of time to enjoy them and they to you. We adopt out many adult cats during the years. This time of year is excellent to find yourself a new furry friend.

Second, how about donating? Oh boy, there's always something that Blistered Whiskers needs. Cat litter, kitten food, formula, and money are just some of the things we need. The money goes to pay for so many different things, from vaccinations to special needs, to a myriad of things. They're very frugal with their money, its all on a volunteer basis, so nearly 100% of your donations goes directly to Blistered Whiskers. There are not many organizations that can make that claim.

Lastly, how about volunteering? It might be the slow(er) season right this minute, but Kitten Season is on its way very soon. This would actually be a good time to get yourself accustomed to the organization as what it entails, get yourself on a schedule that works for you, see if its a good match, than to be thrown into the mix during kitten season. This way, you could go at your own pace, and ease into things. there's plenty of time for action during kitten season.

You can make a difference in any way you choose. The kitties are waiting for you. This a purrfect time to get involved.

Thank you and have a GREAT 2011...!!!
Paul Zimmerman

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