Monday, March 28, 2011

Older, wiser, and better?

As you know kitten season is well underway.  Things are definitely busy here at Blistered Whiskers, but we're doing our very best for all of the new additions.

But I've had something in the back of my mind for a little while.  How to write a blog for the older cats still there.  Ya see... we've all been thru some tough times, and come out of it better people.  There are times when we thought the world didn't give us a care, that our better days are behind us... only to come to the conclusion that are better days are, indeed, ahead of us.

So i think of the older cats at Blistered Whiskers.  All of them have their better days ahead of them, and all would love to have a forever home.  Could this be your home?

Well, let's look at some good reasons for adopting a cat instead of a kitten.  1) adoption fees are less for a cat versus a kitten.  2) a cat's personality is established.  if you're looking for a cat to be at your side and talk to you, we have plenty of those.  If you're looking for a more mellow cat, a gentle cat, that is independent and loves you from afar, we have those too.  We have just about every type of personality you can think of.  You can come to the adult pen, get to know each and every cat there, and find a cat that best suits what you are looking for in a pet.  3) taking care of an animal gives people a sense of purpose.  It can certainly lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and put a smile on your face knowing that your cat is waiting for you when you get home, waiting to love you.  No matter how bad my day is, my cat is always waiting for me, and her entire world is complete and happy just because i am around.  That's a pretty good feeling.  4) perhaps you're looking for a companion for another cat.  Usually another cat who is already familiar and comfortable with other cats is a great addition to your family.  Kittens are spastic and frenetic and can sometimes stress out another cat.  Adopting a full grown cat to pair with an existing cat in your home most times is a wiser choice.

And, most importantly, although the cats may no longer be kittens, their best days are still ahead of them.  Remember what i said about feeling like the world doesn't care?  Well, you can care and you can make a difference to a cat that is already happy, healthy, and just waiting for their chance to find a good loving home.

Could this be your home?

All my best to you and your new furry friend,
Paul Zimmerman

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