Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sensitive Kitties Need Love Too

As many of you know, we do most of our adoptions out of Petsmart.  We take both adults and kittens and many of them have no problem there.  They are comfortable in their surroundings, and because of this, they get adopted out.

But there are sensitive cats and kittens, just as there are sensitive people.  These guys and girls do great in familiar surroundings, the surroundings they grew up in such as Blistered Whiskers, but when we get them to Petsmart, they become frightened or anxious.  There's a lot of commotion almost constantly.  Even when Petsmart is closed, people are running around doing their stocking of shelves, which causes clatter.  There are forklifts, which cause unusual beeps and other sounds.  And there are children who come in and see the kitties and tap - or sometimes pound - on the windows.  All of these things can be quite overwhelming for a kitty that is sensitive.  Ever have a dog that gets really scared around firecrackers or thunder?  Same concept.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the animal except that its sensitive to its environment.  For most, its just too busy.  I think most of us can identify with that at some time or another.  Ever been to Toys - R - Us around Christmas time?  eeek!!!

There a re plenty of kitties who love a chance to see you at Blistered Whiskers.  You can certainly go by there and interact with all of them.  In fact, i think i can be a better way of interacting with a kitty because you are seeing them when they are comfortable, in an environment that they are used to, and that way you can get a pretty good idea of how the kitty is going to be once he/she gets used to its new environment with you.  You can always call and make an appointment, or you can just stop by between 9am and 7pm.  Give it a try.  You just might go home with a new friend.

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