Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Whew...!  Kitten season is almost over.  But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do at Blistered Whiskers.  With school starting back up and the seasons changing - along with outside responsibilities that go with it - we've lost many of our volunteers.  Congrats to those who've helped so much during the summer, and Bravo for all the good you've done.  With those outside changes taking many away from us, there's only seven steady volunteers left.  That's quite a load on the shoulders of very few.  We'd certainly love to have new volunteers.  If you'd like to volunteer, or know of anyone who'd like a chance to make a difference, please contact us.  It's such a wonderful opportunity for the kitties to get to know you, and for to see them go from tiny little babies to youngsters then get adopted out is one of the most amazing experiences.  Trust me, it touches your soul. 

When a kitty is relocated, sometimes it takes a while for him/her to get comfortable in their surroundings.  My previous post was about sensitive kitties at Petsmart, and how they can really struggle with the strange environment.  Hopefully the transition from the shelter to your home will be smooth, but if it takes a little while, please be patient.  Some people will adopt a kitty, take it home, and if it doesn't immediately respond they'll bring the kitty back.  Of course we're willing to take the kitty back, but the purpose was to get the kitty a home.  If you've ever relocated to a new city, for example, you have an idea of how hard it can be.  You don't know the lay of the land, where the essential places are (like the grocery store), and most times you barely know a handful of people in your new town.  It can quite a daunting transition.  But, with time, you managed to find your way.  Same concept goes for your new adopted kitty.  There are strange smells, sights, sounds, people, and possibly other pets.  The kitties senses might be on overload because all of this is so strange to him/her.  In time the kitty will adapt, but some take longer than others.  My cat, Zara, was an only cat for the first 6 of her 8 years.  I've been her entire world, and we didn't get many people visitors, either.  So in her world it was just her and me.  Now that I'm engaged and living with my fiance' (along with her cat, Leo, and her son) it's been quite a change for Zara.  She went from an only with me as her entire world, to a new place, shared by people she didn't know... AND... another cat.  Trust me, it took a few months for her to get comfortable with all of this.  She's grown into her environment and now runs the household - again.  This can happen for your new kitty as well.  Patience is a virtue, and an important key for a successful adoption.

Much love to you and we'll see you soon...

Paul Zimmerman

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