Wednesday, December 8, 2010


You know why cats are cool? Because cats KNOW they're cool.

This is my cat Zara, comfortably nestled upon my freshly washed clothes, looking like that is exactly where she needs to be. Never mind that its not where I want her to be. After all... she's the cat.

I have a running joke about Zara that goes "i pay the rent and she lets me live here". Another running joke is "dogs have masters and cats have servants".

But you know what...? Zara is so wonderful to me. Everyday, no matter how good or how bad my day is, when i walk thru the door her entire world is complete. Her talk sticks straight in the air and she comes running, just as happy as can be because her papa is home!!! She talks to me, tells me all about her day, and i tell her about mine. We'll play for as long as humanly (yes humanly) possible, because she can go and go. She never tires of being around her papa. For her, every day is a new adventure. Something we humans should embrace a little bit.

She fetches. Yep, she fetches. She doesn't care if she acts like a dog. She is who she is, and she's just fine with that. She's cool because she's the cat.

When it's time to go to sleep, she always says good night. Sometimes she'll "make biscuits", but every night she comes up and cuddles for a bit, then goes down to the foot of the bed, which is her spot.

Did i mention Christmas is coming up? Yep, i wouldn't kid ya. At Blistered Whiskers, we have many new friends to choose from. One of those little furry critters would love to get a new home from you, and give you all the love you deserve. All of the kitties have been fixed and have a clean bill of health from a vet. Whether its a kitten or an older cat (boy they sure would love a wonderful home and have been waiting so patiently), i'm sure you could find a cool cat yourself... and start a new adventure... What a wonderful present for the both of you!!!

Happy Holidays,
Paul Zimmerman

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