Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Week From Blistered Whiskers

Hello all,
As I lounge here with one of my very own Blistered Whiskers rescued kitties, I write to you to update you on the happenings at "the ranch."

Two volunteers are constructing a brand new cat pen for the isolation kitties to run freely in! That should be finished up by the end of the day today, pictures to follow. These pens are essential to these cats, and make all of the difference in their lives. Cats are naturally pack animals - they live in colonies that can sometimes number in the thousands! I read today that a single cat and her offspring can produce over 420,000 kitties in 7 years!!! Now keep in mind that outdoor/feral/"street" cats have a life expectancy of two years...but the point is (as much of a tangent it may be!) to spay and neuter your animals! :)

As for upcoming events, we have the gift wrapping events:

Best Buy Gift Wrapping
10134 W. Happy Valley Road
Peoria, AZ 85383
11-24 10-3 pm
11-30 2-7 pm
12-16 3-8 pm

Borders Gift Wrapping
7320 W. Bell Road
Glendale, AZ 85308
Upcoming Events
11-28 6-10pm
11-29 2-6pm
12-19 6-10pm
12-20 10-2pm
12-21 10-2pm
12-22 6-10pm
12-24 10-2pm

And on Saturday the 22nd, we will be having the BIGGEST GARAGE SALE EVERRRR!!! So come out and support us! We have a lot of cool stuff that needs to go go go!!!

The location is:
8156 W. Daley Lane
Peoria, AZ 85383

We really need donations! This is a great time of year for giving, and you can still count it on your taxes for 2008!! :)

Thanks for your continued support!

~~Blistered Whiskers Web Staff~~

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