Monday, December 22, 2008

Adoptions and Christmas Donations!

Hello all,
Merry Christmas and happy new year! It's the time of the season when people dash around like maniacs to finish up shopping and last minute business opportunities! Hopefully you're not too stressed. :)

The life and times at Blistered Whiskers have been pretty good...we have been adopting out kitties for the holidays, but are still running light on donations. You'd be surprised how awesome a donation of broken kitty litter bags, dented canned food, or ripped crunchy bags are! We have been looking for major chains to send these donations to us...but to no avail, so hopefully our online community can help! :)

Over the past few weeks we've made some really key adoptions. At Blistered Whiskers, every kitty is special, but of course there are the staff favorites - shelter "staples" - if you will. It is really awesome to have a cat that has been with the shelter for years be adopted out to a loving home. Our adoption location at PetsMart is really helping with room at the shelter and with adoptions. Please visit us!

The last order of business that I would like to bring your attention to is the latest donation application we have been utilizing. We sent out an email "blast" but perhaps it went into your junk mail - so, the information is this -
Go to and sign up for an account - choose your charity (Blistered Whiskers in Arizona) and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to Blistered Whiskers! You can still use coupons and get the same deals - it is directly shopping with the website still, however you sign into igive and go to their "mall" to find the store you want to shop at and the donations start pouring in :) Sure, it's 1% here, 5% there, but if everytime you shopped did could really add up! They have over 700 stores available, from ebay, priceline, victorias secret, to petsmart! I am confident that your store will be on PLEASE...check it out before you do ANY online shopping - I realize it may be too late to catch this years Christmas shopping - but we shop online year round! So please, PLEASE...don't forget about us at Blistered Whiskers!

Thank you for your support!

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