Thursday, February 24, 2011

here a kitten, there a kitten, everywhere a kitten kitten

Its coming up on kitten season...

Its the busy, Busy, BUSY time of year.  So many people let their adult cats out to prowl, don't have them fixed, and the next thing you know its kitten season.  Then again, sometimes people just abandon their cats to fend for themselves, and the next thing you know its kitten season.

Did i mention that its kitten season?

There are times when i've seen well over 150 cats and kittens at Blistered Whiskers.  They always find themselves chock full of kittens about this time of year.  These little kittens are fighting for their lives before they find their way to Blistered Whiskers.  For some, it takes quite a bit of TLC to get them adopted out.  Can you help us with some TLC?  Here's how you can help:

We always need litter, kitten food, formula, bedding, and paper towels (lots of them).  Any donations of these items are greatly appreciated.  You can drop them off at the door if its more convenient for you.

We did our charity walk and golf tournament and raised over $2000 for the shelter.  That's an outstanding start to kitten season, but money goes fast.  Every kitty needs it's first shots and a visit to the vet for a clean bill of health before it can be adopted out.  We do everything we can to keep our bills as low as possible, but it can add up.  If you have the means, any monetary donation would certainly help.  We are all volunteers, so all of the money that gets raised and/or donated goes straight to Blistered Whiskers.  Not many places can say that. 

We always need reliable volunteers.  Feeding, socializing and cleaning the kitties is the order of every day at Blistered Whiskers.  If you can't volunteer monetarily, how about volunteering your time?  It is a no-kill shelter, so every kitty that comes in will have every chance to find a good loving home.  Again, not many places can say that.  We need reliable volunteers to be able to come in and help out.  Trust me, there's always something to do - especially during kitten season.  And there are few things more rewarding than bonding with a kitten from the moment they are born, being a surrogate parent, making sure they get everything they need, and then getting them to a wonderful home where they can be happy.  Sometimes its tough work, but you get back so much more.  But is is so important to be reliable.  The kitties have needs and if someone doesn't show up, then their needs may not get met.  Please remember, they're babies and can't make it without you.

We also need foster homes.  These volunteers will take home a litter of kittens - usually but other arrangements can be made - and you do the parenting from home.  Blistered Whiskers will set you up with everything you need.  Our foster homes are the unsung heroes, because they still do the work needed, but since its from home, it saves us more space to be able to get more kittens in.  It really is a win-win situation.

We're gonna make kitten season the best its ever been.  But we can surely use any help you'd like to give.  If you have any other questions about how you can help, please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you,
Paul Zimmerman

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