Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Success!

We are pleased to announce another successful adoption! Danielle is a cutie, and found a brand new family! Here is what her new human had to say:

I adopted Danielle Saturday, October 24,2009. Her name has been changed to Echo. Echo has been doing great all week. Today was the first day I kept her out of her room while I was at work. She did great. My other 4 fuzzies have been doing great with her. She follows them around everywhere. especially her new Big Brother, Mal. Echo also has a very large appetite She eats everything we give her and she usually finishes her sisters', and brother's meals. Echo learned how to jump up onto things yesterday. And about 20 minutes ago she was introduced to cat nip. She didn't care about it.

Echo has been wonderful. I will try to keep you updated on her progress.

-Carrie P

Carrie sent this picture of Echo trick or treating for our enjoyment! :)

Thanks for supporting the kittens at Blistered Whiskers and giving Echo a great home!

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