Thursday, May 14, 2009

Medical Supplies Needed for the Kitties!!

Hello everyone!  
As you might expect, this year's "kitten season" has seen a record number of street kittens finding their way to Blistered Whiskers. 

Currently we have over 100 felines at our shelter (not counting those with our dedicated foster care team). Many of these animals have been abandoned by their owners as the economy has created a whole new generation of "foreclosure felines".

The fact is, that when you have that many animals in one room - if one comes in that's sick, they all get sick. That being said, BWI medical supplies have been dangerously depleted...especially antibiotics and vaccines.  

We are able to obtain lower cost medicines in Mexico, so despite the "swine flue blues" and "narco violence" a brave team of BWI volunteers is planning a trip south of the border to replenish Rx supplies.  

Hopefully you will be able to help with a financial donation. The economy has hit everyone, even these kitties. If you have $5, anything, please go to our site and donate! Every little bit helps.  

Last Fall many of you contributed to our first ever fund drive. And yes we succeeded in reaching our goal of "$1000 in One Week!"  Thank you all so much. This time we have two weeks to get ready for the next expedition. Let's make it "Two Grand in Two Weeks!" 

Anyway, we at Blistered Whiskers appreciate all of you for being part of our extended family and for helping us minister to these defenseless critters.  

If you are able to donate, you can check out our website for a PayPal button: ... or if you would like to send a check, please make it out to Blistered Whiskers Inc, and mail to:  
8190 W Deer Valley Rd, Suite 104-294
Peoria, AZ 

Also, don't forget to use as your web search engine, and select Blistered Whsikers for your targeted non-profit organization. BWI will receive 2 cents per search for a short period of time.  

Thanks again for your encouragement and support.  

Maggi & Jack 
Blistered Whiskers Inc. 
Street Kitten Rescue and Shelter

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