Saturday, January 1, 2000

Our Wish List

Our Wish List

-Iams Dry Kitten Food
-Royal Canin Baby Cat Dry Food
-Cat Litter (Any Brand)
-Cannded Kitten Food (Fancy Feast, Nutro or PetSmart's Sophistacat Supreme Kitten)
-Adult Cat Food (Costco Brand-Purple Bag)
-Paper Towels, Paper Towels, Paper Towels
-Hand Sanitizer
-Black Trash Bags & White Kitchen Sized Bags
-Plastic Forks & Spoons
-Soft Blankets, Kitty Beds, Old Towels, Flat Sheets
-Outdoor Small Dog Houses (for those kitties sleeping in the outdoor enclosures)
-Heat Lamps
-Scratching Posts, Kitty Condos, Toys
-Bleach (White & Color), Laundry Soap, Laundromat Gift Cards
-Air Purifiers w/Germicidal Features
-Sharps Containers
-Gas Cards (our kitties require a lot of transporting)

You can drop off donations at the following volunteer's residence:

8156 West Daley Lane
Peoria, AZ 85383

(This is the residence of a volunteer who works full time and your kittens will sit in the hot sun all day or might not be found until the next day)

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